Listen Up!

Click on the location's name on the map, below, to listen:

  • Live?Die?Kill?: Pleasant Valley, New York—Wisconsin Public Radio's "To The Best of Our Knowledge"
  • Live?Die?Kill?: Durham, North Carolina—live at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies
  • Live?Die?Kill?: Boston, Massachusetts—live to air for the Megapolis Festival of Radio Art
  • Live?Die?Kill?: Los Angeles, California— on KCRW

These iterations have been made possible due to the support (financial and  otherwise) of these programs, organizations and individuals:

Wisconsin Public Radio's "To The Best of Our Knowledge," the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, AIR (the Association of Independents in Radio), the Megapolis Festival of Audio Art, KCRW (Los Angeles), Chuck and Minna Taylor, Simone, Karen Soriano, Sarah Cintron-Schultz, Jennifer Mackiewicz, Caryl Owen, Susan Braine and Burt Poley of Native Voice 1, Mingus the Pooch, everyone who's agreed to let this stranger ask them the three questions, and most especially the wonderful Bob Vye.

Interested in having Live?Die?Kill? come to your town? Please see the Talk to Me page to me!